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Direct Access

Did you know that Virginia is a modified direct access state for physical therapy?

What does this mean?

Direct Access is the ability, as a patient, to see a physical therapist for services without having to first be seen by a physician and given a prescription for physical therapy. In Virginia you can seek treatment for an orthopaedic issue directly from a physical therapist for 60 days prior to having to be seen by a physician, if needed. In many instances this timeframe is enough to resolve a patient's symptoms or get them to a point where they are ready for an independent home exercise program.

How does this benefit you?

Direct access eliminates the delay in starting treatment caused by waiting to see a physician for a prescription to physical therapy. In addition, it allows a patient to be seen and referred to the appropriate practitioner by licensed and highly qualified musculoskeletal experts that have relationships with some of the best orthopedic surgeons and other medical professionals in the area. Our doctors of physical therapy are trained in differential diagnosis and able to identify if you are appropriate for our services or need to be referred to other medical professionals. We can direct you to the specific physicians/orthopedic surgeons we think fits your needs, specializes in treating the specific joint/type of injury you have, and consistently have proven results with other patients.

How does it work?

If you are injured or experience musculoskeletal pain, back pain or muscular weakness and or loss of mobility in any joint you can call our offices to set up a comprehensive evaluation and receive treatment, if appropriate, for up to 30 days. Our physical therapists will determine a plan of care and refer you to the appropriate physician or other medical professional as needed.

Please call us if you have questions or feel you are in need of care and appropriate for physical therapy services. (703)-383-1616