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Founded in 2002, Excel Rehabilitation is owned and operated by skilled physical therapists. Since its inception, Excel has gained a reputation with both doctors and patients for providing quality care and individualized attention. We have experience working with common orthopaedic problems, complex orthopaedic surgeries; as well as, sport specific injuries. Over the years, the therapists at Excel have worked with elite athletes from a variety of professional associations/leagues, including; NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA, and the USTA

At Excel we help our patients reach their full potential in a relaxing and supportive environment. We utilize our expertise in manual therapy techniques, exercise prescription, and use appropriate modalities to decrease pain and restore normal function. We place quality of care above of all else and take pride in our reputation with patients and referring physicians.

Throughout your care as a patient, your therapist will maintain communication with your physician by sending evaluative notes and regular progress notes which document your current status and progression toward goals. We are committed to strong communication with your physician and keeping them up to date on your current condition.

In our practice all of our providers are licensed physical therapists with doctoral degrees from accredited graduate programs. We consider continuing education of prime importance and all of our therapists attend regular seminars/courses. At Excel we feel it is important for our clinicians to stay up to date on current research and scientifically proven treatment trends in literature. Our therapists participate in regular journal clubs and observe surgery with local orthopaedic surgeons to stay up to date on what’s going on in the realm of orthopaedic care.

Finally, we feel injury prevention is an extremely important topic and we are passionate about preventing injuries, especially in our youth athletes. As a result of this passion our therapists volunteer a large portion of time to educate local athletes, coaches, and parents on what injuries are common in their sport of participation, how injuries can be avoided, and what to do if they suffer an injury. We have experience working with athletes from all sports and all of our therapists have been competitive athletes at some point in their life.

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